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All Housepresto Home Advisors have many years of experience in the building industry. They know which builders are best suited to each of the different types of projects – houses, single storey, double storey, townhouses, units, etc..
Ideally we aim to help you to develop a project that fits into your budget, so with that in mind we will start by confirming how much you want to spend on your entire project (not just the construction). With 28% of building contracts ending in a dispute it is imperative that yuor budget is accurate and that it is backed by an accurate building contract.

The first step is to identify some of the fixed costs associated with your project. This could include demolition, excavation, landscaping, recycled water programs, driveways, etc…. the list goes on an on!
Once we’ve applied a budget to these items we can start looking at budgeting for potential project pitfalls. Generally speaking the pitfalls relate to your block and the soil conditions. Poor soil reports can lead to extremely costly foundation and footing engineering. It’s not a cost you can avoid but it is a cost you need to be prepared for.

After an appropriate allowance has been made for the fixed costs relating to your project we can start working on the design of your home but we need to identify how you want to live and your expectations. Some people want high ceilings, or stone bench tops, or downlights, or specific air conditioning. These items are upgrade items from what is termed base or entry level housing. Knowing your fit out requirements also enable us to establish what you base budget is.
Once the base budget is confirmed we will be able to confirm how many square metres can be constructed for this budget and the design process will commence.

Housepresto has accredited numerous builders, all of whom have differing price points, skills and specialties. Your Housepresto New Home Advisor will approach various builders to secure a ballpark estimate so that you can be certain that your project is going to fall within your budget.

After all this it’s time to start the official development of the plan which is coordinated by Housepresto. This can either be included in your home contract or sub contracted to a Building Designer - whatever suits you best.
You will meet preferred builders and ultimately appoint one of them.
When everyone is on the “same page” then a building contract will be drawn up and checked by your Home Advisor to ensure that the builder understands and agrees to deliver everything that was discussed, confirmed and expected during the pre-building phase.
At this point all of the pitfalls and potential financial variations will again be discussed so that you go into your contract with your eyes open!

Your project will be underpinned by the building contract and construction will commence. Fro this point on you will be dealing directly with your builder however Housepresto is only a phone call away if you need advice or assistance. We want your building experience to be stress free and are there to help should concerns arise.

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