Our world is splitting in two. The continuing expansion of the internet means we live in a virtual world right alongside the physical one. Socialising, business and schooling are all dependent upon both worlds, and their customers need to be savvy online and off. The real-estate market and home design have also started taking advantage of the opportunities, but should something as important as designing your home have an online focus? Is this impersonal, or are companies like House Presto creating a more unified approach?

Cutting out the hassle

House Presto boasts simplicity in its approach and claims they’ve “removed all the headaches and stresses for you.” This sounds great, but was the old way of looking for the right designer really so stressful?

Finding the right designer doesn’t just mean getting any old design graduate. A house becomes a home, and a home has to be right for you. Without the internet and House Presto’s broad range of designers all across Victoria, you might only have access to a few designers who don’t share your vision, or a company who makes it difficult just to get in touch. Making phone calls takes time, getting put on hold drives you mad and not getting to see your dream house built is a nightmare.

With the internet, you’re in control. You pick where you want a designer and you decide to get in contact. Rather than eliminating the important face to face aspect, finding a designer home builders online actually gets you in contact with people quicker, becoming a more efficient way to start discussing your future with a real person.

Don’t be scared

While the internet was, once upon a time, something only tech-heads could navigate with ease, it’s becoming remarkably simple as more people are logging on. Web designs like House Presto’s are designed to be simple and effective so that you can quickly finish up on your computer and start making things happen. Simple web design is more desirable than phoning up or coming into the office, because you can take your time, do it from home and be sure of everything before you pay for anything.

The internet is a social place that’s making it easier to socialise outside of it, too. It’s not about choosing one option or the other, it’s about making them both so easy and effective that the whole process is hassle-free as a result. With sites like House Presto, home design is one less stress in your life.