Melbourne’s Leading Provider of Dual Occupancy Builders

Housepresto has pioneered the process of bringing builders and buyers together. Building requires a lot of coordination with different people, such as architects and builders, as well as a myriad of paperwork. Whether you’re building a standard or dual occupancy home, we can help you find the ideal services for your project, without the hassles and headaches.

From the Mornington Peninsula to Geelong; building simplified

Throughout Melbourne and Victoria, Housepresto helps buyers find the right builders for dual occupancy homes. We make it simple to find the right people to help you achieve your dream as it brings all the information into one place. This gives you the power to compare and contrast prices and services in one place. This simplified system makes searching across many websites and businesses a thing of the past.

Dedicated to helping people find the best dual occupancy builders in Melbourne

We have a passion to make the building industry easier for the average person to navigate. We take pride in how our system helps people find the perfect suppliers and builders, while removing the stress and headaches of building homes. We have helped hundreds of people in Geelong, the Mornington Peninsula, and right across Melbourne. We continue to grow and expand, building a reputation with companies in the industry and making it simpler to understand for our customers.

We work hard to ensure we are at the forefront of the industry, with a commitment to improve our service every step of the way. Our network of professionals is ever-growing, helping our tool to become more comprehensive and useful to users of all types, whether building a dual occupancy house, a large country home, or a smaller city dwelling.

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