Did you know you can create a home that’s kind to the earth? Did you know that most homes harm the environment simply by the way they’re built?
September 13th saw the latest annual Sustainable House Day, a day that celebrates green and eco-friendly homes in Australia. SHD promotes the building and designing of cheaply run houses fuelled by solar power, with low water usage and materials designed not to be harmful to the environment. The winners of Professional Category on the 13th used a technique called “biomimicry” which actually emulates the patterns in nature for a house more in tune with its environment.

If you’d like to make your next home earth-friendly, home designs websites like House Presto make it easy to get in contact with the right designers for the most sustainable architecture.

What’s in a sustainable home?

Pretty much every aspect of your home could be sustainable. Here’s a list of a few things you could put to your next home designer:

Roof and walls: Fibre cement composite materials provide a lightweight external façade, which has all kinds of benefits. Australia has long been brick-focused in its designs, and this would often trap heat inside the houses and increase the use of air-conditioning, creating more emissions. Fibre cement is better for air flow, its installation is easier and it’s a highly durable product.

House paint: Household paint often has about 10,000 chemicals called Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs, many of which are linked to cancer. These chemicals are released into the air as paint dries, creating almost as many emissions as a standard car. For a sustainable house you can use Low VOC paint and avoid harming yourself, your family and the environment.

Floors: Sustainable flooring options are becoming more readily available. Bamboo is a popular and attractive design that has excellent insulation. Polished concrete, in addition to being a versatile design, can be manufactured out of recycled materials, making it a great friend to the environment.

And more: Recycled materials can also be used to make countertops, doors and cabinets. In addition, solar heated water systems, water tanks and double glazed windows are all ideal for a sustainable home.

Talk to your designer from House Presto when making the decision to be an environmentally conscious (and financially responsible!) house owner. HP’s wide range of designers across Victoria and their accessible interface make it an easy decision to build a home without imposing on our already fragile earth.