House Presto makes selecting a home designer easier than ever, but they can’t read your mind. There are still a few things you could bring to the table when selecting the right designer for your new home.

  1. Know your budget

When you go through House Presto to select a designer, you’ll have the chance to work with a huge variety of designers equipped to work with a wide range of clients. Make it easier on everyone by organising a strict budget. Working out what you can and can’t spend can be a pretty laborious process, so put a favourite album on, brew a pot of tea and sit down to crunch those numbers!

  1. Know what you want

This one’s all on you. It might seem redundant—why would you get a designer if you didn’t know what kind of house you wanted?—but once you look at the range of colours, housing designs floor plans and furniture arrangements—coupled with the fact that you could be spending the rest of your life here—you might be tempted to find a cave instead and hide out in there until it’s all over. As Stefan, owner of, points out, use your hobbies and favourite places to travel as inspiration for your home design. Take it one aspect at a time and know when to compromise.

  1. Know what you’re doing here

Do you need a big office space because you’re working from home? What about an artist’s pad so you can whip cans of paint at a giant canvass? Will you be throwing huge parties? A house has a lot of necessities (Hopefully you won’t forget the bathroom) but your designer needs to know what kind of a house this is, and this comes down to thinking about your lifestyle and how you can make a home that’s most conducive to that.

  1. Be communicative

Any business transaction works best when it’s a conversation. Maybe avoid long tangents about your trip to Spain or vicious gossip about your co-workers, but human beings do establish a rapport with one another through talk. This means expressing your desires, pet hates and fetishes (architecturally speaking), so that your designer feels comfortable working with you.

Perhaps the most helpful point and the one easiest to forget is, have fun! House Presto have taken out all the stress and hassle of choosing a designer close to you and your tastes, so all that’s left is the creative stuff. And that’s the fun part.