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There are thousands of builders in Victoria, which makes it hard to know where to start. How do you know who to trust to provide you with the best service and price? It’s inadvisable to simply get a price and then build, however, with most small home builders following the same process virtually everyone is making the same mistakes right from the very start. So, how do you beat the system? How do identify the pitfalls? How do you get what you want? Welcome to HousePresto. Based on your requirements, we will not only introduce you to the right small builders but we take you through a design and negotiation process to ultimately place you with Melbourne builders that match what you want to achieve.

Our approach makes it easy to compare quotes from private builders

Our thorough process will help you to confirm your budget, identify some of the pitfalls, budget for ancillary costs and ultimately place you with small home builders that best suit your requirements. Designing a new home to fit within a budget is not something that any of the private builders want you to do as they make money on the variations. is HousePresto takes the guesswork out of what to expect by understanding what you want in your new home while identifying all of the other project costs and will only place you with small builders that are relevant to you.

Industry experts to you get your dream home, Mornington Peninsula to Geelong

We will oversee the design of the floorplan, all the inclusions and exclusions, and ensure that you have our expert eye assessing every stage of the negotiation with your small builders. Our team has many years of experience in the building industry, which ensures you can rely on us to identify pitfalls and potential problems before they occur and cost you time and money. Whether you are building a small home or a large one, we can ensure your dream becomes a reality in a cost-effective and stress-free manner with the best private builders from Geelong to Melbourne and beyond.

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To start your HousePresto journey, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and put you on the path to a new home. Call us on 1800 77 60 80 to talk with our staff.

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